New Era of internet : IPv6

Internet is the integral part of our day to day lives. People using internet is growing each day. But what if internet runs out of room? Just like we have phone numbers in the telephone systems which represents some particular frequency, we have IP addresses in case of internet. Currently used system IPv4 has the ability to produce 4 billion IP addresses. Currently, most of us have shared IP addresses. With the current system, it is practically impossible to satisfy the growing needs of internet.

Why Zuckerberg slides out of world's top billionaires list?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is no longer on the world's top billionaires list. 

Facebook is the most used social networking sites and generating some huge amount of revenue. Facebook has been able to attract advertisers from variety of topics and geographies.This really does not pose any doubt about the success of Facebook. But Facebook IPO was not successful enough as anticipated. While it was "obvious" that IPO would be successful primarily because of the popularity of the Facebook, it failed due to several reasons. Here I have tried to outline some of them:

Google search redirecting users to bogus websites

Google search is one of the most reliable and safe search that exist on the net today. And when you search for it and you get redirected to some weird website that was different from what search was showing, it really creates poor user experience. While Google has been very careful about user experience, but this time it seems that "bad guys" have got the trick.

Optimize your YouTube videos to rank higher in YouTube Search

On October 17,2008 TGdaily reported that YouTube has surpassed Yahoo and has become the second largest search engine after Google. Later on March 28, 2001 Times of India reported that YouTube still stands ahead Yahoo and other search engines. This data clearly shows how important it is for you to optimize your videos for YouTube.

Which niche of blogging is most popular in India?

Whenever one wants to start a new blog, the first hindrance that comes to our mind is "what should I blog about?". Answer to this question is really very easy as and very difficult too. The short answer could be something like this "Blog about whatever you are passionate about."

Enlarge images on Facebook and Twitter (an other social sites too)by just hovering over them.

All the social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter has many images on it. Some are thumbnail images while few are bit larger ones. Many of them needs to be clicked to enlarge them. While sometimes images do not load when we click on them to enlarge. This usually happens with me when I use Facebook. This is sometimes bit frustrating.

How to ask your readers - Are you sure you want to leave/navigate?

I have seen many blogs and websites asking their user to confirm before they leave the page. I personally don't use that feature but if you want to have that feature on your blogger blog, I am going to teach you how to do that.

How to add Custom Image in footer of the blog?

In my previous tutorial we discussed about how to add custom header in blogger blog. That was straight forward thing as blogger provides facility for that. But we may wish to add custom image in footer of blogger blogger blog. It is pretty easy to do that. You need an account with image hosting site. You may use Google Docs or Photobucket. I will teach you using Photobucket. So if you are completely new to all this, first you will need to create account with Photobucket. See my tutorial Understanding Photobucket.

How to Follow a blog that does not have follow Gadget?

Most of the bloggers offer their readers the option to follow their blog. However, few blogger don't add follow gadget. I don't know what are the reasons but I guess it depends on blogger. Some bloggers are so popular that they get direct traffic. Like Rashmin Bansal would be getting lots of direct traffic just because her blog is popular and she is a very well know author and Youth expert. Her blog does not have follow gadget. Some blogs rank so high is search that they don't need repeating visitors. There can be various reasons for not adding follow gadget to blogger blog.

How to overcome referral spam problem in blogger blog?

What is Referral Spam?

Few webmaster inject their site URL in blogger stats of our blogs. So we can see their site as referring site in our stats. Just out of curiosity we click on the URL and they get the traffic. This kind of activity is called Referral spam.

Importance of ALT attributes for Image tag.

Images are inevitable if you want to retain your readers interest. Images convey the idea in just one glance. But search bots can't see images. From my experience I can say...bots are incredibly stupid. They just don't use their brain. And how can they? They don't have any!

Don't forget to add labels if you are using new Blogger

Blogger has launched the new interface for you blogger dashboard. The new blogger dashboard is bit "modern" and as the entire Google is going under major changes Blogger too took the part in that change. However, it may take some time to get acquainted to new interface. At same time we may forget to do certain things just because the position of those entities has changed.

How to embed YouTube videos without YouTube logo?

When we embed any YouTube video, it has a YouTube logo over its control bar. Obviously, logo stands there to advertise YouTube. But it may drive traffic away from our site. So one may wish to embed Youtube videos without Youtube logo. The feature is called modestbranding.

How Google +1 affects search results?

Google +1 button helps people "vote" for your site or to be specific, pages of your site. Google has not given out the word about how are they using Google +1 recommendation is Search results. However, we are sure that they do make some difference in search results.

How to change playback speed of YouTube videos?

When I uploaded by previous video for my post How to offer newsletter subscription to your blogger blog readers, I observed this feature. Though this feature is not available for all the videos and it sometimes appears for my video and some times I vanishes away.